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Weren't the proud white englishman the guys who brought the africans here??
Kinda like the spanish who now glorify Flamenco that was started by Moors, Jews and Gypsys that they enjoyed torturing during the Inquisition ( Nooo one expects a spanish Inquisition)

Everybody has their flaws. Muddy loved the Chess brothers and realized with out their backing he'd be playing house parties and you probably would have never heard of him
As a musician you need promotion and like it or not everybody wants to sign the contract and bitch about it later

In the days before the internet-you neeeded your Chess brothers, King records, Brian Epsteins, Andrew Loog Oldhams, Sam Phillips, maicolm maclaren , Berry Gordy, Chris Blackwell, Coxsone Dodd, duke reid , Death row Records ( wow some of those exploiters were even, gulp, black)
Even Vincent needed Theo and Michaelangelo needed the vatican

Read the Chess book and maybe you will find they weren't as exploitive as you wanna believe :shock:

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2011-09-16T14:35:07+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Willie Dixon - I Am The Blues]]>
Ben Covington wrote:
WILLIE DIXON: PREACHER OF THE BLUES. Hardcover, Scarecrow, 432pp., by Mitsutoshi Inaba

This was scheduled to be published sometime this year. It has been researched in conjunction with Marie Dixon.
This has now been published at the somewhat extortionate price of $55/£50, though Amazon US/UK might have it cheaper!

Statistics: Posted by Ben Covington — Fri Sep 16, 2011 2:35 pm

2011-08-20T13:47:00+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Willie Dixon - I Am The Blues]]>
I'd say the primary reason he's not as well known or as highly regarded is simply that Muddy was a guitar player who always fronted the band in the tradition of a "bluesman" where as Willie was more involved with writing producing and foundational stuff like that.

Take Willie Dixon out of the scene and a huge portion of the Chess output changes dramatically or doesn't happen at all. The impact on Muddy's work by Willie Dixon is akin to any of the much more famous collaborators throughout music history.

Possibly the saddest and ironically "bluesiest" stories in all of the modern commercial blues history. Willie was easily on scale with any of the much more prevalent names yet he gets little notice and only briefly enjoyed and sort of financial stability during his life.

I'm definitely going to read more on his contribution. Certainly without doubt a true modern hero in my opinion.

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2011-08-20T07:32:46+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Willie Dixon - I Am The Blues]]>
This was scheduled to be published sometime this year. It has been researched in conjunction with Marie Dixon.

Statistics: Posted by Ben Covington — Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:32 am

2011-08-20T06:27:02+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Willie Dixon - I Am The Blues]]>
Another good read was Hand Me My Travelin' Shoes: In Search of Blind Willie McTell by Michael Gray, very comprehensive, a really good biography.

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2011-08-19T19:02:57+00:00 <![CDATA[Willie Dixon - I Am The Blues]]>

Was a very good read, I was planning on reading the book "Spinning Blues Into Gold" Image

However, despite the massive impact the Chess brothers had on the blues, I just don't want to read a book that I imagine will glorify their contribution. Willie Dixon got extorted something chronic by these guys. There may be an argument that that was then and it has to be seen in the context of the socio-economic economy of the time. But I don't buy that. I also believe that if it wasn't the Chess brothers, it would have been someone else. There was a huge market for the blues and anyone who could see past black would have seen that blues equalled green. Would any other person who would have been Chess have ripped off the artists so much, most probably. However, I don't have to read about them - and that's my point!

I did pick up something in a comment made by Buddy Guy which I think highlighted another side to Dixon. For all the waxing lyrical about Dixon as a performer, producer, songwriter etc, Buddy Guy stated something along the lines of "Willie Dixon was interested - if he'd wrote it" with the heavy implication that if he hadn't, you wouldn't have had much time from him. That's a bit shit, but, the man had to make his money.

Also, I've always been proud - as a white Englishman - of our contribution to the blues and it's recognition and regeneration. Particularly considering the race divide aspect. However, Dixon believed England to not be all that different to the American treatment of black people at that time. Maybe not treatment per se, but perception. At least in comparison to the rest of Europe which he spoke far more highly of. Bit of a dent in my beliefs.

Although Champion Jack Dupree stayed over here, so I think we were definitely better than at least he was used to.

Anyway, just some of my impressions and thoughts on the book.

I highly recommend - as I'm sure many others on here would to.

Next, I'm either reading:




or something a bit trashier:


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