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The recording process was a challenging one. First off this was the first time I was playing with other guitarists in the 1 man band setup. At times I thought what I was playing was what Sean or Johnny was playing and my feet got mixed up. Also we played a total of 6 hours. My legs, mind, and whole self was wiped out. Due to space being at a premium I jammed all the instruments in one corner of the studio. Sean and I both plugged into my princeton reverb amp. He was playing a strat and me a tokai copy of a 335. These guitars have radically different tones. So I just set the dials to a compromise. The amp was only about 3 feet from the vocal mic and the PA speaker was coming through the vocal recording mic as well. With all this and me not being able to monitor the way it was going- it was just push record and hope the levels stayed ok-I am pleased with the results.

Here we go, welcome to the Spontobeat Shows first set in chronological order! the last video is with hand held harp. Unfortunately the tape ran out for a couple cool hand held harp songs that I played with my nose, in my mouth. At least I got them on the computer recording.


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