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this year we'll be on time and i'll have my gear in order. 2 things that maybe threw us off a bit from the start although i don't know if they had any real bearing on who won.

Statistics: Posted by jbone1 — Thu Aug 06, 2009 4:23 am

2009-08-05T01:42:26+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: IBC BLUES CHALLENGE Experience]]>
My band entered the competition this year too. Our BOBB was Sun July 26th. We've been to 4 of these over the last 9 years, and this years' competitors were unreal. Check this out to see what I mean...

Anyway, we decided to try something new this year. We all (except the harp player) played handmade instruments made by my brother Jack, who is our bass player also. I played a lap steel made from a cypress knee, he played his 6string standup bass he named "Frank".... The Drummer played a kit based around Samsonite luggage, handmade Cahon and percussion toys by our percussionist.... We wrote new music specifically based around these instruments, and dialed up the "look" of the band too. (we usually play in jeans and tshirts - never been muuch of a stagepresence-type group of guys)...
We got our schtick down purposely to see if we could bring something "fresh" to the table, but with a decidedly "authentic" flavor for the purists..... it was really fun.... oh - we won.

Here's a vid of one of the tunes at the competition

Statistics: Posted by gdudiv — Wed Aug 05, 2009 1:42 am

2009-06-17T14:29:38+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: IBC BLUES CHALLENGE Experience]]> Well, Sat. night the 13th we were at the Berkeley Cafe in downtown Raleigh. 4 solo duo acts and 6 bands. I didnt have time to get back here and post b4 the competition as I was too busy finding a guitarist and drummer. It seems the past few weeks my guitarist was slipping around and convincing the our drummer they should leave me and go it alone. My bassist figured it out. They got wrong at me for calling the guitarist too loud at our last gig. It was hurtning even my ears and thats hard to do. So I told him to turn down and he retaliated by making himself look stupid by playing too quiet. He did it all the time, covered up the entire band with his runs, which were not just at leads. He played lead thru every song and often thru the entire song. Mr. Showboat. I put up with it because I didnt have anyone else and the guy can really play well. Plus he knows hundreds of song right off the cuff. Even though I am the band manager, producer, and front man/vocalist, he has a lot for stage time than me unless one considers my retail experience;) But the sneaky crap dont cut it with me. I tried to make it thru the competition week b4 and even was able to smile at them in practice some 10 days prior and tell them I appreciated them. However they kept on at me and I lost my temper, cussed him out, and they both retired to ones home to watch horror flicks.
WHAT WOULD I DO?? I was mad and sad, felt very BLUE ya'll. That was Sunday 7 june. On monday I got on the phone to a friend drummer and he was not playing the 13th, he plays country but agreed to learn my 20 minute set and help me out. I then set to emailing any guitarist I could think of. I started calling anyone who might lead me to a player. Finally Wed. I spoke to a guy from a clud we played afew months back and he suggested TA James living in Durham. TA was Carey Bell's bassist and personal assistant for 8 years. He plays guitar as well. In 30 mintues he had agreed to get off work mixing sound Sat night and help me out. He came down Thursday night, we rehearsed about 3 hours. We recorded the rehearsal and were about 20 seconds long. We discussed how to edit that. We met up Sat. at the Challenge. Numbers were drawn for playing positions. One of the top bands got #1,,good for me. I was next to last to pick, and got #5,,hell yeah. A group called Fat Bastard Bluesband drew #3 and gave a great performance except they were all over the place on the first song,pretty bad. When my turn came, I was shakin, set up my pedal board, my amp was not getting enough power as they had about 4 amps on one little strip,,so I unpluged and used a stage amp, a Carol Ann,,it was great. TA my hero had played in these b4 and he took off like a bat from hell. First song, Stepping up in class, I played dualing A/D harps and sang. Then ballad Read Me My Rights, cover of Dalton Reed. "Then Cold Day in Hell" cover of Terry McMillan(RIP). Then bounced to You are My Sunshine and rocked to 19:50 seconds. Ya'll,, I killed'em. They were yellin and whistlin and slapping me on the back and comng up and giving me biz cards offering to play guitar for me. I am still high from it all. The timekeeper was squirming around in her chair dancing and I had to remind her to check time by tappin my wrist. It was my best performance ever. Not my best harping by a long shot, but Cold Day in Hell put me over the top with harp and vocals.
But after 25 minutes of negotiation, we got runner up,,and the Fat Bastards won the challenge. To me, I feel like 2nd was a good as a win considering the circumstance. Thanks for being here for me weeks ago and thanks for letting me share this story now. I appreciate ya'll very much. Jeffery Lomax, BLomax , Hard Travelin' Lomax

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slim, to me this sort of thing is more about exposure and meeting people than trying to get some brass ring. i have always been up or taking the stage be it for a tip gig, paid gig, benefit, birthday, jam, or lately, a competition. what we do is very much the real deal, and my wife seems to be much more sensitive to our standing or lack of in these things. i think, to keep the peace, i will not push for any more competitions.

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