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my first harp was a marine band in C. along the way i've used a lot of different brands and styles, and gotten away from the wood comb models. these days hohner makes a better class marine band called a deluxe with sealed comb and there are a lot more options for both store bought harps and customized harps. a lot more guys than ever are modifying and customizing harps for better performance.

i think my first song i learned was mary had a little lamb! been a long time since then and a lot of music.

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It's mostly for fun, as I never quite got the hang of it beyond simple stuff. I still play along to recordings, for fun, and I have one recorded example of me playing, "When the Saints Go Marchin' In" The music came with the harmonica.

If I'd had more time I'd probably be better, but it would still be for fun--and I do enjoy playing harmonica here & there--but I tend to do it when nobody else can hear me.

Still good article for anyone looking to get into it--whether just for their own amusement, or to pursue it more seriously.

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"When I started playing there was one harmonica readily available, the Hohner Marine Band. Choosing your first harmonica back then was easy. Things have changed a lot, harmonica players are now blessed with a wide variety of instruments to choose from...."

The rest of the article is at

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