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goldbrick wrote:
Overblows seem to be the new big thing these days but ( at least for blues) I don;t think it adds a whole lot.

i guess i am a traditionalist but my favorite harp players didn't seem to use that technique.

I don't have any problem with them when they're done tastefully, but I think they're often over-used, to the point of wrecking the groove.
I also think they're used for flash, which is ok in the right situations.. tastefully again.
I'm primarily a sideman, and I tend to take a conservative approach to my comping, except when you gotta light it up for a break to throw the crowd a bone.
Otherwise, it makes sense as a choice to get everything you can outa your instrument.

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i guess i am a traditionalist but my favorite harp players didn't seem to use that technique.

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Have you seen Harper play? He's come to America with his brand of didgeridoo laced blues. Playin' outa Michigan I think.

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I've been playing Harp for about 4 years now - I've played bass and 6 string since I was in my teens (I'm nearly 40 now) - I've also played traditional Didgeridoo (Yidaki) for many years, I found this very useful in getting my head round note bending early on (would also highly reconmend it for breathing techniques),
I don't play any chromic (at this moment in time I don't think it's something I'll ever get into) my aim over the few years is to really improve my abilities as a blues musician on 6 string and harp.

I don't bust that may harps to be honest - I still have the first C SP20 I bought 4 years ago and whilst the tuning is now getting a little screwy it's in perfect working order!
I have blown a couple of blues harps and a Big River - Looking at the price of some of the tweaked harps I'd be a little worried of knackering the thing up! - I suspect buying one and attempting OB's with my limited knowledge in this area may be a sure way to achieve this!
I've no doubt I do play a little heavy at times howvever (especially when playing along with others)
I did read something about John Popper saying he was lucky if he got 2 gig's out of a harp! - not many folks play like JP

Statistics: Posted by yidakipaul — Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:33 pm

2012-12-11T20:20:29+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: Overblows]]> Playing with too much force can also be a result of playing acoustically (without amplification) when you are trying to match volume with alot of other instruments around you. I've played acoustically with large groups of acoustic guitars, mandos, banjos, drummers, accordian players, etc., and I play with more force in those situations. Better to amplify, even when playing with a large group of un-mic'ed string instruments.
The less force you use, the quicker you'll be able to play, and the better your dynamics will be. Better dexterity.
I'm not trying to preach: it's just difficult to tell on the web what peoples' level of experience is, and how many bad habits they've got ingrained (I've got plenty of 'em that I hang onto like gold, for some unknown reason).

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I'm playing stock harps - maybe this is one of the main reasons I haven,t cracked OB?

I've looked a the tweaked harps - they're expensive (especially if I blow a reed after a few weeks)

I know gussow has some stuff on seting harps up - might be a good starting point

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