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last friday was a landmark busk, on Cherry St. in Helena, AR, during King Biscuit Blues Fest! spent a good part of the day playing. got a few tips, sold a few cd's, met up with friends old and new, and did some good for a friend's budding blues school.

a very worthwhile day!

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2011-10-02T07:16:38+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: playing on the street....busking]]> i don't know if you've caught any of Adam Gussow's videos or been to his site and forum at Modern blues harmonica but he does a solo thing- harp and foot percussion. it's pretty awesome. Jolene and i are experimenting a bit with a tambourine underfoot and her slapping her acoustic guitar but it's very early times yet.

next friday we will busk on cherry street in helena during king biscuit blues fest. we've done it a few times before, it's usually a good time one way or another.

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Usually there are more bands out there but not many 2night which was good for us

We got a precious invite from a a business owner who is notorious for chasing buskers but it turns out he loves blues and old timey music so we have another nice piece of turf now.

People wanted some chicago blues so I actually played harp ( which I usually only do at home ) but I always carry one with me. Worked out pretty good but I only had a D harp with me so we used it sparingly -I gotta bring my Astatic mkie next time because playing thru a vocal mike sux-too directional.
So I guess I will step up my harp playing as people seemed to enjoy it and I have fun playing it as I actually get to stand up. Being behind the drums alnight is kinda like being the catcher in a baseball game so its nice to stretch out. I used my damn near wore out hohner old Standby so I guess I'm gonna use some tip money and buy a Hohner pro or Special 20 in D

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2011-10-01T14:22:16+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: playing on the street....busking]]>
so- a doubleheader of great fun in one night. can't beat it!

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2011-09-24T13:26:06+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: playing on the street....busking]]> almost immediately a gal came over and hung around on and off the whole time we were playing. she was a bit "off" but harmless at any rate and she did help attract some listeners. we were also joined by a young guy who came over and asked us if we knew a particular song. which we do, and we were actually about to play it anyway, so that was sort of funny! he hung out for a while as well and both of these folks really got into our music. which always feels good. Jo recently put lighter strings on her acoustic guitar, which we were afraid it would sound too thin, but it sounds great and her fingers suffer much less.

we didn't sell any cd's but i gave one to the guy whose store we play next to. he's been really nice to us. and we made back more than we spent to get there to play although we won't be retiring any time soon. one thing we love to see is children who perhaps for the first time are seeing actual live music being made. some of these kids are mesmerized and don't want to leave! one hopes that maybe a seed is being planted at moments like that. we may be helping establish the next generation of actual musicians!

coming home after a set like that is always a really great feeling. the whole time we were there we had not one single worry. and our evening at home was mellow and easy as well.

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2011-09-23T05:21:33+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: playing on the street....busking]]>
on one hand it's never too late, on the other hand if you have made a good start, GO FOR IT is what i say. in my mid 40's i made a decision to ALWAYS do music from then on, after a year break from any playing at all. for me that was a big mistake. not that i lost any skills, but i lost a YEAR and nearly my sanity. when that year was up i made a decision to just never let go of music no matter what, and i've held pretty hard to that and never been happier. currently my wife and i have a great blues/roots duo and i get to work with a full band here and there as well. i've had time to get some nice gear together and harps i like well. there is at least one blues jam a week here as well.

as for the fear factor of public playing: as big a ham as i know myself to be, i remember how hard it was sometimes to walk the few steps from a table to the stage. but a funny thing happens when one takes a spot on stage. once that first note gets hit, everything falls into place! not that errors are not made but more that, hey, it's live music, i'm up here playing for free, what is the worst that can happen? i can sound crappy and then go home and learn a better way to do that one thing. and another, and another, etc etc. ultimately, it was playing out live where i made most of my progress. once i knew what a harp could do and at least some of how to make that happen. so i just suggest that if you know how to make some decent sounds on a harp, swallow the lump in the throat and take a stage any time you can. my wife is such a huge example of this, she never saw herself as a stage type live performance type, but somehow she's been doing just that for 5 years now as my duo partner! and this from knowing basically nothing about blues guitar or singing. in her mid 50's she re-invented herself. the rest is history as they say. we recently released our second cd. we've played from the hometown here to little rock, el dorado, helena, clarksdale mississippi, to baton rouge. jonesboro. arkadelphia. a lot of joints, a lot of tip gigs on the street and spots in clubs in all those places as well.
anything is possible but you must be willing to reach for it!

Statistics: Posted by jbone1 — Fri Sep 23, 2011 5:21 am

2011-09-22T12:21:48+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: playing on the street....busking]]>
jbone1 wrote:
are there any jams or open mics near you? because these are sometimes good places to get your feet wet. or at least hang out at and get an idea of what it takes to be on a stage. they are also a good place to meet potential partners or teachers or students depending on where you are on the continuum.

i was born a natural ham i think. i've never been afraid to make an ass of myself in front of people. why i missed out on standup comedy i'll never know, but music has been a great vehicle for me anyway. i have seen incredible transformations from wallflower to band or duo member if the motivation is there. some people just catch the performance bug, others find a reason to set aside their own fear and go ahead.

these days my partner sometimes takes a break and i'll noodle around with a chromatic or diatonic by myself for a few minutes while she regroups. it doesn't seem to work as well as with the guitar. but i've seen guys with "just" a harp who blew my socks off.

Sorry to hijack your post here. :D

I have been the quite guy hanging in the corner most of my life, but once I hit my 40's [im 46 now..] I relised that I had WAYYYYY to many regrets about things I did not do becouse I was afraid to step up and be noticed!! So over the years Ive been steping up, and just DOING. Ive been playing for about 4-5 years now, after trying as a teen...and just never doing it..[see above..] been coasting and learning a lot.... but not realy getting far... I just started with a teacher, and have grown by leaps and bounds in my eyes!!! Im my own worst cridic and thats something I need to turn around..

As for open mic's.. I have a comunty theater in town that does them every month or two. Ive never been there to see how it goes though. Im thinking within a year I should have enough skills to give it a shot. [if the nerves hold up!!!!!!]

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