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i recommend that if you ever get the chance, do what you can to teach a kid some music!

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2011-09-20T03:11:59+00:00 <![CDATA[Re: teaching kids]]>
then we did "Heaven's Door", which went a bit better.

i'm teaching more by showing what i'm doing and trying to explain it, ie, hole 3 draw, hole 2 blow, etc etc. i'm also trying to remember as i'm playing to show if i'm blowing or drawing using my left hand,pointing either way as i play. it seems to be working a bit. i'm telling them about the obvious correlation between how one uses certain mouth muscles, tongue, throat, jaw, etc, to shape air in order to whistle, and how similar that is to playing harp. i told these kids the other day, they may actually learn something from me, maybe just enough to find a "real" teacher one day!

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I usually find out if they're southerners or if they're from "Up there" then teach them the first line of either Yankee Doodle or Dixie.

If you teach them right away that they CAN play and give them something they can take home and show their family and friends, they WILL be back!

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2011-09-04T12:43:03+00:00 <![CDATA[teaching kids]]> i have recommended utube and the older one has been looking for some more easily assimilatable lessons there. the younger one is having health issues and has not been able to sit in for the past 2 saturdays. we just do a front porch sit-down for an hour or so of a saturday afternoon.
it's funny, from early on i always tossed the little paper that came with a new harmonica. now i wish i had one so i could teach myself "on top of old smokey" or whatever and then pass it along!
i am trying to keep it pretty simple lest i run the kids off. i told the 11 year old yesterday, "there are 10 holes on this harp and 20 notes. for now just see what you can make each note do by blowing or drawing hard and soft, using different hand technique, and generally get to know the instrument". her eyes didn't glaze over so that may have been a good suggestion.
i will say this. if you want to feel a bit smaller or more your right size, try teaching someone when you barely know what you're actually doing your own self!

Statistics: Posted by jbone1 — Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:43 pm