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I checked out Bobby Mercy's stuff. He is doing overdubbing on his recordings as well. His playing really didn't grab me but he is old school for sure! His playing reminded me of the recent popularity of the old unknown to the world Miss guys. It is a sound one either loves or not. I contacted Paul Osher's manager and asked him to forward a message about his harp holder mic. Someone who heard my recent amped recordings is sending me a tiny homeade harp mic to try. I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with it. My enthusiasm is already wanning with the amped harp. It seems once I get inspired to do it again it doesn't last long. The distortion factor is key . I am not drawn to it for long with the harp or guitar. If a real simple solution to micing a harp and singing without the 2 tones bleeding into each other comes to me, I probably will mess with it more just for the heck of it. But I doubt I will invest any amount of time in it. Thanks for thinking of me! Walter

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This set up reminds of the band sound that I had going during the late 70's-early 80's before I totally let go of playing amped harp and went to standing off the vocal mic. It brought back memorie of those club gigs when people got down and with you. The mix reflects the sound I remember hearing onstage as we played.

I first recorded the guitar and drums on my feet, then the keys, and last the harp. I used a shure 57, stock delta frost in C, and a stock princeton reverb reissue (with eurotubes)
If I could get a real band like this going, I would give the one man band a rest for awhile. Overdubbing is time consuming and I really don't like that it isn't totally spontaneous. I did one take on each instrument. At least that made it kind of spontobeat and like it would be when I sit in with a real band. Walter

can I love you just for tonight

going back to my younger days with the harp

here is the song I did as a pure 1 man band

cry little baby cry

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