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I traded my G&L Tribute L2000 straight up for a Fender MIM lined fretless Jazz bass, thinking that the lines would help me in the initial period of trying to play in tune.

In the event, I caught on right away, and now have more of a problem when I go back to fretted (trying to put my fingers on top of the frets!) than in adjusting to the fretless. Long slides up and down the neck are easy, and the feel of the neck is very nice. I just wish I had more chance to work up fretless chops because my band, God bless 'em, won't let me play anything but the Precision...maybe I'll have to get a fretless P.

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Musically I play much sparser lines with lots of slide and vibrato. Not only is the feel of a fretless more sensual, my music sounds more sensual but when need be you can get a very aggressive slap ala rockabilly percusion sound too.

I prefer flatwounds for that smooth sexy slide sound that you just can't get with round wounds. The volume suffers a little bit but not much thru the amp.

The lack of frets threw me for a short while but you adapt quickly and it makes the transistion to a standup much quicker.

The main drawback is the constant battle with feedback on the piezo mic instruments but a SansAmp sound shaper/direct box, that fatPaul turned me on to, helps a lot.

I can almost predict that in a couple months you will be shopping for an upright. For me they are what playing the bass is all about. Good Luck!!

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2007-01-29T22:04:57+00:00 <![CDATA[Fretless]]> I have no experience of fret less aside from a few goes at a 3/4 double bass.

I suppose you got the best of the dbl bass and the ease of electric, and like all playing you just have to find your own way into it.

Keep us posted :D


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