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I really do want to mess with it some more, but it plays so well and sounds so good, I just can't quit playing it. I would have never thought it would sound as good as it does. The stock tele pickups give me a solid enough bottom, growling mid, and sparkling high end. The pick up switch gives me instant tone changes and I can always tweak the tone knob for different colorations of the tone.
Sure was fun to do and not that much work either! 1four5 gave me the body free, the bronco bass was $150.00, so there is not a lot of money tied up in it. But, the sum of the parts is often greater than the parts. In this case it is true. Of course you sacrifice some tone and bottom end on a short scale, but the light weight and speed/ease of playing more than makes up for that, at least for me.


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2007-07-04T19:33:59+00:00 <![CDATA[Tim3finger's Telebass]]> and I admire your patience in building it...the only patience I had to show was hanging onto my Jaguar and grinning insanely until the shop guy got to the lowest price he could :lol:

Stick with the existing paint job, mainly because if you have it all set up you mebs don't want to upset it .


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Little neck heavy, but I got a 3" wide Franklin strap and moved the strap button out to the heel of the neck. That kinda limits my playing way up the neck ( 17th fret and above ), but I don't play up there much anyway.
The main thing is it balances pretty well now, not perfect, but tons better than before.

The paint I used was old and sat out in the garage through two cold winters, so it may have gotten frozen. The paint never dried hard, so I have now got some serious scuffs, staining, and what-have-you going on.

Whadaya think, call it character and press on, or strip it down and start over?

I would like opinions from both sides of the "gotta have a pretty axe camp").

Overall, I am very pleased with the playability, so much that I think I will keep this homemade honey forever.


Statistics: Posted by tim3finger — Fri Jun 23, 2006 4:21 pm

2006-06-18T14:43:34+00:00 <![CDATA[Now I'm really back]]> AOL had me blocked out, so I got in through IE Browser. Don't really understand why. ThinelineBob is no more, BobHolland is my realy name & I play Bass. I still have my 69 MIM Thinline Tele. Sorry to changed the topic of thread. I love that Bass Tim. Great job on the construction. Real cool. I'll just have to keep the Jazz Bass for a while longer. BobHolland :wink:

Statistics: Posted by BobHolland — Sun Jun 18, 2006 2:43 pm