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jeffl wrote:
I'm gonna start callin' you "The Backwards Man" Walter,lol! Most guys who do what you do are primarily guitarists or piano players who play a passable're the opposite...a harp player who plays passable guitar or piano,ha! Keep practicin', although I like your guitar stuff better. You definitely got the right idea though, not tryin' to jus' go it with harp alone...that can get old after a while. (Why the hell do you think I keep my piano skills halfway honed,lol..?)

thanks! My brain also works backwards :D I do whatever is inspiring me the most. Right now it is the piano/bass on the lower keys, with this new snare/brush set up. For me, the beginning of learning new instruments, set ups, are the most exciting. I could just blow harp and sing with a real slick band behind me, write and repeat songs, and maybe get "somewhere" in the music world. But that sounds as boring as sitting in a jail cell for 10 years with no instruments allowed. To be boxed in like that just doesn't compare to be hanging on the edge with new things. I have always been this way. It keeps things free, fresh, and unpredictable. I have never played live to people on the piano. With that said, it is coming to all my gigs. I have a few weeks on it now and I am more than ready! I always learn my instruments on stage. I started giging with the 1 man band set up after a few days of messing with it. People dig your energy more than your technical abilities. The ones that value the latter over the former are a very small minority.

It snowed like heck here yesterday and today. I hope my gig is still on. I am dying to play this piano live. I would rather just be a so-so talent on the 1 man band thing, than a well known harp player/singer. You got no freedom to drift when playing the harp in a band. You are dependent on when the band changes, what beats they play, etc. This is no good for a spontaneous approach to music. The root has to be in time with you, and the harp is just a top of the chain instrument. That is the cool thing about being a 1 man band. I own all the time, on all the instruments, which for me, is worth more than mountians of gold. Heck, most of my idols were only so-so musically corrrect players. I got into the drums, piano, and guitar because I got tired of trying to tell real players of these instruments what I wanted to hear. I have no musical training, so I have found it much more rewarding to just do it all myself. When I close my eyes with my 1 man band set ups, I really feel like i have a real band behind me, and no matter how simple I am, they follow me whever my time, chord changes go! Walter



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